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WorldWine Women 2022

We are two friends who met in wine class and who decided to visit and encounter the wine actors across Europe to share their vision of the viticulture of today and tomorrow. A strong duo, ready to set off on the wine route on board of our van !

Zoe ID_edited.jpg

Her strength: Her adaptability!


Always mobile and adventurous, she knows how to adapt to each environment she discovers. 

She grown up on Reunion Island where nature is everywhere.


Her previous studies in catering and hospitality learnt her the magic of the product and the importance of the human hand on it. 


With a methodical mind, she likes to write and order our ideas. 

Clara ID_edited.jpg

Her strength: Her entrepreunarial spirit!

Clara is dinamic and lively. Her slight impatience allow to make things happen and move forward. 


Her licence in geography brings her a comprehension of her environment speaking of climate, geology and strategies.


Optimistic, she never gives up and always find solutions!

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