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Team 2020

We are a team of four dynamic friends who love wine and wish to contribute to the search for tomorrow's viticultural solutions. A multidisciplinary and complementary team, ready to set off on the wine route with a bag on our backs!


Her strength: Her determination!


At the initiative of the project, Elisabeth is open, passionate and committed. Her training as a general engineer as well as the summers spent on the family winery allow her to have a technical eye and a good understanding of innovations.



Her strength: Her attention to detail! 


Sophie is creative and lively. She knows how to observe and understand the world. As a student in the Biology department at the ENS (Ecole Normale Supérieure), she brings scientific rigor to the project, whether in the implementation of protocols or the analysis of results.


Her strength: Her energy!


Zoé is passionate about cinema

and has already directed several short films. She is the cornerstone of the awareness raising part of the project. In addition, her training in business school will allow a precise analysis of the social and economic contexts encountered.


Her strength: Her optimism!


Manon is an adventurous and

spontaneous person, involved in several projects that help fight climate change. She has always been very concerned with the environment and this is the reason why she chose to study agronomy.

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