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TEAM 2019

We are a team of 4 dynamic friends, all students, with an adventurous mindset, and eager to learn more on the vast wine field!

Her strength: Her good mood!


Alice is always playful and optimistic. She will be our sunbeam and allow us to make the most of our adventure. Her positive spirit will revive the group in case of difficulty!



Her strength: Her adventurous spirit!


With her unwavering determination, Alexandra will push us to surpass ourselves, to live an ever stronger and more challenging experience. She will facilitate our adaptation to different situations and encourage us to step out of our comfort zone!


Her strength: Her sense of organisation! 


Louise is rigorous in everything she undertakes. She has a particularly structured and methodical spirit that will allow the group to stay on track regardless of the situations encountered !


Her strength: Her great curiosity!


Atalante is always ready to learn new things and build relationships with new people. She never stops wanting to deepen everything she undertakes and will allow us to overcome encountered problems!

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