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chile tasting notes

March & April 2019

Find our favorite tasted wines in each vineyard. Of course it’s very subjective, and everyone has its own preferences. It also depends on the moment of the day, the food you eat with, the people sharing this special moment and many other things! 


L'Entremetteuse, 2016, Syrah 57%, Carmenere 9%, Cabernet Franc 5%, Cabernet Sauvignon 29%, 2016


This wine offers elegant aromas of red fruit, black cherry, spices and caramel. We enjoyed its nice acidity bringing finesse as well as its round and smooth palate.


Entre dans la ronde, Viognier, 2018


This 100% Viognier wine benefits from this grape variety's strong yet subtil aromas of yellow fruits (pears, apricots), fresh flowers and spices. It also gives an astonishing sensation of softness and creaminess in mouth.


Almaviva, Puente Alto, 2014

A wine that offers great balance with expressive dark fruits such as blueberry and blackcurrant and hints of spices and vanilla. We really enjoyed this dense and elegant wine with round and refined tannins

Almaviva EPU, Puente Alto, 2015


A wine with a shiny and deep red color that offers red fruits and delicate chocolate and caramel aromas. Fresh and round, this gourmand wine has persistent toasted notes and a silky tannic structure

Almaviva Epu.png
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