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The documentary

into the wine

With this adventure, the WorldWine Women aim to bring a more humanist vision of the wine world, notably by giving a voice to women winemakers. Although women are still in the minority in this traditionally masculine world, their atypical backgrounds make them sources of inspiration in this initiatory journey. 


Four young women in quest of meaning head out to meet female winemakers aboard their trusty Betty, from Spain to Turkey. This 52-minute road-doc presents in parallel the portraits of these inspiring women and the reflections drawn from these encounters, during a journey full of twists and turns.



Screenings of the film Into The Wine open to the public are regularly organized throughout France. We participate in a debate and discussion after the screening. The modalities of diffusion differ according to the type of event, contact us at!

Avant-Première Jeudi 30 Septembre à 20h45 Cinéma Le Balzac 1 Rue Balzac 75008.png


Into The Wine is available on the platform dedicated to the agricultural world 
Go check it out!

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