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South africA tasting notes

February 2019

Find our favorite tasted wines in each vineyard. Of course it’s very subjective, and everyone has its own preferences. It also depends on the moment of the day, the food you eat with, the people sharing this special moment and many other things! 

haut espoir

Chardonnay, 2017

We liked its typical flavours of citrus and lime accompanied by a rich textured mouthfeel, due to the barrel ageing. We also enjoyed the acidity that stays in the aftertaste.


Shiraz, 2012


We enjoyed the white pepper and dark cherry aromas and the wine’s complexity thanks to its barrel maturation.

Haut espoir - W.jpg

Grand Duc, Chardonay, 2016


We liked this very opulent wine, which has great aromas of vanilla, honey, and peach. 

Grand Duc, Shiraz, 2015


A very strong wine, with a rich textured mouthfeel but a smooth aftertaste. We enjoyed the slight tannin structure and its smoked bacon aromas !

Glenwood- W.jpg

Chadonnay, 2017


A very elegant wine, with a good structure and lovely citrus and lime aroms. We also liked the beautiful acidity of this wine.

Shiraz, 2015


We enjoyed the spicy notes as well as the subtle mint and dark chocolate flavors. This wine matches well with meat!

ANTHonij rupert wine
AR B2B.jpeg

Blanc de Blanc


Lovely nose of brioche and butter ! This sparkling wine has elegant and persistent bubbles.


The Renaissance of Chenin Blanc, 2017


We liked its lovely notes of honey, vanilla and butter.  


Freedom Pinot Noir, 2017


It’s a complex wine, very delicate, with dark and red fruits notes.  

ken forrester
Ken forrester - R.jpeg

The Gypsy, 2013


We enjoyed its long finish and its red fruits flavours. It’s very well balanced and matches perfectly with meat.


The Dirty Little Secret, 2015


It’s an unfined wine, not only with melon, pear and abricot notes, but also with honey flavor that provides sweetness.

Glennely W.jpg

Estate Reserve,Chardonnay 2017


We liked its flavours of lemon and pear, as well as its mineral finish. This wine has also lovely notes of nuts and butter!

Glenelly R.jpg

Lady May, 2013


This complex and intense wine has massive aromas of blackberry, berries, green pepper and dark chocolate. We also liked the vanilla taste due to the oaked fermentation.

de grendel
De Grendel W.png

Elism Shiraz, 2016


This delicious wine has cocoa and white pepper note. We particularly liked the great balance between tannins and acidity !

De Grendel R.jpeg

Koetshuis, Sauvignon Blanc 2017


For the first time, we tasted very strong notes of asparagus and we really enjoyed it. This wine is elegant and has good flavors of green fruits.

Marianne W.jpeg

Pinotage 2015


We enjoyed the chocolate and dark fruit aromas of this wine ! This original grape variety makes it complex and well balanced.

Marianne R.jpeg

Sauvignon Blanc, 2017


We loved the flower and fruits aromas, as well as the textured palate and acidity.

Jordan W.jpeg

The real McCoy Riesling, 2018


This wine has a golden yellow colour! We liked the citrus and orange aromas, and the great acidity. 

Jordan R.jpeg

The Long Fuse Cabernet Sauvignon, 2015


It’s a bold wine, harvested in March (much later than the others), which provides lovely dark berries and cigar notes ! 

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