Our wine route across the globe

A sector facing

great changes

The wine universe is an authentic, handmade universe led by passionate people and deeply embedded in the French culture. However, in a time of globalisation, this sector which relies on traditional skills is experiencing great changes and facing new challenges
Discover, examine and eventually analyse the emerging balance between tradition and innovation through various subjects (See below)

Subjects we'll study

New producers
Emergence of new countries producing wine vs traditional countries
New ROLE oF women

Increase in the number and role of women in this traditionally male sector


Evolution of consumer habits and behaviour

New wine production techniques to cope with climate change
Expansion and intensification of wine tourism
Marketing and communication strategy changes by wine actors

Our wine route.. 

.. To meet and exchange views with local experts and winemakers
.. To work in a vineyard in each country, especially during harvest periods
6 months - 10 countries - 50 vineyards

Our wine route in detail

We will travel through 10 countries and more than 50 vineyards starting with South Africa on the roads of the Western Cape. Then, we will fly to South America through the Mendoza Valley in Argentina and the vineyards of Chile. Then, we will travel to New Zealand and the southern states of vast Australia where the major wine-making areas extend before reaching the provinces of Ningxia and Shandong in China. California, where most of the United States' wine production is concentrated, will be our last stop before reaching Europe on the roads of the wine-making regions of Portugal, Rioja in Spain and Tuscany in Italy.

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