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An Ambitious project


Climate change is a reality. It causes changes in the phenology of the vines, the composition of the grapes, the typicity of the wines, but also in the consumers’ tastes. It affects all the actors of the wine industry. However, all over the globe, winemakers have already begun to adapt their practices to the biggest challenge of the 21st century.
In parallel, an environmental awareness is emerging among the consumers and the winemakers. More and more innovations are invented to progress towards a sustainable viticulture, more respectful of the environment and of the consumer.
In the face of the issues threatening the wine universe, we expect our project to help operate a transition towards a more sustainable and ecological viticulture.

Our ambition is to be a link between all the actors of the wine world (researchers, winemakers, consumers...) and to raise awareness about the challenges the wine sector is facing.

We have 3 main objectives:

A scientific report

In collaboration with the French research institute INRAE, the purpose of our investigation is to examine the dichotomy between adaptation to climate change and adaptation to ecological concerns. The objective is to highlight a typology of actors, their main concerns, and their relationship to scientific research, in order to guide the future strategies of the LACCAVE project

A guidebook of wine innovations

Winemakers know their needs better than anyone else and always have clever ideas to improve their practices.

We will gather all the innovations discovered during our trip in a guide for winemakers willing to adapt and change their practices, so that they can share their ideas and be inspired by each other.

A documentary

We aim to contribute to change the perception of the wine world and sensitize people to the challenges of the wine industry. With our documentary, we want to inform the public about climate change and ecological issues, thus allowing consumers to have all the cards in hand to make informed and responsible choices.

We also want to raise the voice of women, who are increasingly important in this traditionally male sector.



Subjects we'll study

Wine actors
Link between the different wine actors: consumers, wine-growers, researchers, sellers
New ROLE oF women

Increasing number and role of women in this traditionally male sector

ecological awarenesS

Consumers' and wine-makers' growing awareness of environnemental issues

Climate change
Effects of climate change on vines and adaptations to these effects
Wine Innovations
Innovations implemented by wine-makers to adapt their practices to new challenges
Link between reaserch in viticulture and wine-makers' practices

Our wine route.. 

.. To meet, work and exchange views with local experts and wine-makers
.. To discover new cultures and specific practices of each country
4 months - 14 countries - 80 vineyards
France - Spain - italy - slovenia - croatia - montenegro - albania - north macedonia - turkey - bulgaria - romania - hungary - austria - switzerland

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