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Gary and Kathy Jordan, a South African couple took over the farm in 1993 and made it a vineyard. They have been making world-class wines at this top wine estate for more than 20 years. They are also member of PIWOSA (Premium Independant WIneries of South Africa). They have 164 hectare, specialising in classic varieties suited to the different soils and slopes. We were impressed by the high number of grapes varieties they have. They benefit from differing altitudes (from 160 to 410 meters above sea level) and close proximity to both the Indian and Atlantic Oceans.


We had a visit of the cellar which is designed around a gravity flow system using natural cooling through recessing the cellar into the slope of the mountain. We helped to prepare and add yeasts in tanks: to stimulate the yeasts, we added oxygen in the preparation. Then, we had the chance to taste their wines with Thea and benefit from the amazing view that you can have from their terrace. Jordan has really developed its touristic activities and made the most out of their property: tasting wines there is a unique experience! Find out more in our tasting article.

We had a visit of the entire property, and discover the different expositions to the sun, sea, mountain, wind that explain the wide range of varieties. On top of that, landscapes are amazing, you can benefit from a breathtaking view on the mountain from on side and on Cape Town from on other.


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