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During our stay in Chile, we had the opportunity to discover very varied vineyards and thus to experience different types of work.

We first spent 5 days at Estancia El Cuadro. This estate has vines but doesn’t produce its wine on the property. It’s mainly known for its tourist tours helping visitors to discover the wine industry and its traditions as well as known for its very nice restaurant.

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work time

We met with the people in charge of wine tourism: Robert, Christian and Carolina. We helped them to organize wine tourism activities. For example, we attended a horse-drawn carriage ride through the vineyards with American tourists. The idea of the tour is to introduce their vines in an original and attractive way. Visitors are therefore in a carriage and discover the different vineyards of the Estancia estate. Then, they have the opportunity to taste a wide variety of grapes from all over the world in a special garden where 26 different grape varieties grow. This diversity is great to understand the different aromas and profile of each grape variety.


In addition, we participated in a guided tour of a museum featuring old wine-making machines. The goal is to help tourists understand the entire winemaking process, from grape harvesting to pressing, then to fermentation and finally to maturation of the wine in vats or barrels. Visitors are therefore led to discover old machines dating from the 19th century, and they learn the process and methods of winemaking.


We also helped organize wine tastings introducing different wines and their characteristics. Estancia El Cuadro organize many tasting events and we had the chance to participate in one of them organized once a year: an "astrology" evening. The evening is therefore punctuated by wine tastings, a sit-down dinner and stargazing with a telescope. We helped in the organization of this evening, and more particularly in the tasting part, to present wines to the guests.

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