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De Grendel, meaning lock in Dutch is one of the oldest farm in the Eastern Cape. This farm benefits from a breathtaking view, maybe one of the best in the Cape winelands, like a postcard with a perfect panorama of Table Mountain and the city of Cape Town.


The climate is perfect for growing Sauvignon Blanc: this grape variety is a core focus of this farm.The cooling breezes from the ocean (which is only 7 km away from the farm) play a major role in the production of some of the best Sauvignon Blancs in the country. The grapes can hang for longer before they reach their perfect ripeness and longer hang time means better colour and flavour in the wines.

Visit time

We were warmly welcomed by Charles Hopkins, the Cellar Master at De Grendel. He has been making wine for the Graaf family for fifteen years, since the first wines were produced on the Estate. He had the opportunity to design himself his own cellar which is a good compromise between tradition and innovation. Charles is not only dedicated to make a delicious wine but also a very kindly and friendly person. Thanks to him, we had a very enriching tasting session: find out more in our tasting article!

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