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ARGeNTINA tasting notes

March 2019

Find our favorite tasted wines in each vineyard. Of course it’s very subjective, and everyone has its own preferences. It also depends on the moment of the day, the food you eat with, the people sharing this special moment and many other things! 


Petite Fleur, Chardonnay, 2016


We’ve really appreciated the vanilla and citrus notes. It is a fresh wine, with intensity and volume in mouth.


Lindaflor La Violeta, Malbec, 2009


It offers licorice and plum aroma, combined with black pepper and nutmeg notes. We’ve really enjoyed this harmonised and well structured wine.

finca agostino

Finca Chardonnay Viognier, 2015

This bend offers walnut, banana and honey aromas. The Viognier gives the freshness aspect and the Chardonnay the unctuosity one.

Finca Syrah Malbec,  2016

It has a deep nose of dried fruits. This complex wine offers a velvety texture with spicy flavors.

malbec finca.jpeg
terrazas de los andes

Chardonnay Reserve, 2017

It has a fresh character, with peach, pear, pineapple and asparagus notes. We’ve enjoyed the brioche aspect.

It’s an elegant wine, well balanced between acidity and softness.

Malbec Reserve, 2016

It has intense fruity notes, with black cherry and plum aromas.

It also has black pepper and chocolate taste and offers a delicate tannin.

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