Discover our project

Exploring vineyards across the globe to discover how today's winemakers are adapting to ecological awareness and climate change.

Worldwine Women explore vineyards across the globe, looking to better understand the great changes and challenges affecting the wine universe, and willing to share their experience in a documentary. 


We will work in vineyards of different countries to personally experience different production methods, traditional local skills and cultural environments: in short, we will share winemakers’ daily life!


We will interview winemakers and local experts on how they respond to challenges concerning production, commercialisation and consumption of wine: we will gather and analyse points of views and ideas


We will make videos and write articles about our experience to share our oenological discoveries with our community, while working on our big documentary project

Who are the worldwine women?

We are 4 friends from different schools who love wine, feel concerned about environmental issues, and wish to contribute to the search for tomorrow's viticultural solutions.
A multidisciplinary and complementary team, ready to set off on the wine route with a bag on our backs!
But we each have our own character and area of expertise...