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Exploring vineyards across the globe to analyse the emerging balance between tradition and innovation

Worldwine Women explore vineyards across the globe, looking to better understand the great changes and challenges affecting the wine universe 

We'll work in vineyards in each country to personally experience different production methods, traditional local skills and cultural environments : in short, we'll share winemakers’ daily life!


We'll interview winemakers and local experts on challenges around production, commercialisation and consumption : we'll gather and analyse views and ideas


We'll write articles, interviews and make videos about every experience to share our oenological discoveries with our community 


Who are the worldwine women?

Our team is made up of 4 friends, all students and dedicated to make this project a great success!
Our adventurous spirit and passion for wine led us to this crazy adventure.
But we each have our very own character..

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Thanks for your Support!

Many thanks to all the people who decided to support us in our adventure on Ulule!
We couldn't have made it without you and we're very excited to share all our discoveries with you.

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