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Exploring vineyards across the globe to discover how today's winemakers are adapting to ecological awareness and climate change.

Worldwine Women explore vineyards across Europe, looking to better understand the great changes and challenges affecting the wine universe, and willing to share their experience through their blog and social networks. 


We will work in vineyards of different countries to personally experience different production methods, traditional local skills and cultural environments: in short, we will share winemakers’ daily life!


We will interview winemakers on how they respond to challenges concerning production, commercialisation and consumption of wine. We will also focus our interviews on the place of women in viticulture. 


We will make videos and write articles about our experience to share our oenological discoveries and our knowledge of each new terroir.
We want to vulgarize what we learn to make wine more accessible. 


THE 2020 edition films

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Into the Wine is available on and in VOD.
This 52 minutes road doc tells the quest for wine, adventure and female role models of the four young women. It was out in 2021.
Two years after the end of this journey, Vigneronnes completes Into the Wine with a more mature perspective, by trying to give a sight of what it is to be a woman winemaker in 2020. It was out at the beginning of 2023.

Who are the worldwine women?

There are several teams of Worldwine Women: the 2019 team, the 2020 team, and we are the 2022 team.

We are 2 friends, Clara and Zoé who met during our training in the University of Wine of Suze la Rousse. From November 2021 to March 2022, we learnt wine, its caracteristics and commercialisation.

After this period, we decided to continue the adventure by planning a wine travel itinerary wich will begin at harvest 2022. Having both studied the environment before, we wanted to link these two related themes during the trip. 

Our main aim is to make an observation of the climate change impact and highlight the efforts made in the world of viticulture. 
We first contacted the WWW 2020 to get advices and they finaly offer us to recover the association. 

So this time, we aren't four but two to form the team of the WorldWine Women, edition 2022!

Two friends, wine and ecology in common, meeting the viticulture of today and tomorrow...
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